about us

the backstory & future of Roberts & Lwe

Dr. Rollan Roberts and Peter Lowe teamed up in 2016 to host the first-ever, semi-annual, faith-based CEO Entrepreneur Cruise.  That birthed the strong desire to serve the starving business person that wants to see the power of God in their life and business.  The mission of Roberts & Lowe is to win back the soul of business in America.

Our desire is that the CEO Cruise plants a stake in the business of every city for Christ.  God received the boot from companies and the marketplace at large, and it’s past time the men and women business people of this great country rise up and take back the world of commerce for God!  


Dr. Rollan Roberts is an internationally-renowned, best-selling author, CEO and TV personality recognized as the “Top 100 Most Influential Floridians” of 2015 and nominated to the Civilian Task Force for Central Command & Department of Defense.  He has led several global, high growth companies (including serving as CEO of the Hoverboard company – the single hottest global consumer product of 2015) and has a record of creating some of the fastest growing companies in America.  In addition to being a private pilot and his love of horses, he holds a Doctorate degree in International Business and Entrepreneurship, holds two patents, and was a state Senate candidate in 2012.


Peter Lowe is the founder of Get Motivated Success Seminars, the most successful business conferences in the world featuring world leaders, presidents, celebrities and athletes.  Peter started off as a one-man shop growing it into a nine-figure operation with hundreds of staff.  While routinely packing arenas and stadiums around the country, Peter has been highly influential in helping people and businesses live their best lives.  While Peter’s legacy of producting the largest, most popular business seminars on earth (filling up NBA-sized arenas across North America) is impressive, he believes all that was merely preparation for the great calling of The Business Battleground. 

Speakers included former Presidents Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and other such as Colin Powell, Margaret Thatcher, Benjamin Netanyahu, Mikhail Gorbachev, Suze Orman, Zig Ziglar, Terry Bradshaw, and Laura Bush.  Over 30,000 businesspeople responded to the Gospel in 2011 alone.

  • Charisma  Magazine dubbed him “The Apostle to Corporate America” because of his success reaching businesspeople.
  • “60-Minutes” profiled him, amazed at his ability to fill stadiums.
  • People  Magazine featured him, enamored by the celebrities that flocked to his stage.
  • Fellow Wheaton College graduate Billy Graham appointed him Chairman of the Tampa Bay Crusade.